O Shot Treatment in Mumbai

Are you not satisfied with your sexual life? Take your orgasm to new heights with the O-shot!

Women’s body undergoes many physical changes starting from puberty to pregnancy and finally menopause. With aging, some changes are inevitable. Most females report experiencing stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, or a lowered libido as they grow older. The inability to have a consistent orgasm experience leaves them embarrassed, unsatisfied, and frustrated. If this is the case with you, the good news is that all this can change with an O-shot treatment in Mumbai, Juhu performed at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital by Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi.

What is the O-shot?

O-shot refers to the Orgasm shot which is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that commits to enhance sexual arousal in women and rejuvenate their vaginal tissues. It is neither medication nor a drug; instead it makes use of Pla-telet Enriched Plas-ma (P-R-P) that is harnessed from the patient’s blood and injected into the vaginal and clitoral areas. This injectable treatment (a P-R-P shot) is well-known for treating a wide range of age-related symptoms. It can be only performed by specially trained injectors (a nurse practitioner or any healthcare provider) otherwise if the procedure is done wrongly, the results may be worse or useless.

What concerns are addressed by the O-shot?

The conditions that can be treated by Orgasm shot include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain or weakness in the pelvic floor
  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia) or sexual dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence (both stress and urge)
  • Decreased ability or inability to experience orgasm
  • Prolonged pain in the vagina from transvaginal mesh or childbirth

If one is suffering from the above mentioned concerns they can consult the best gynaecologist in Mumbai, Juhu at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital.

How does it work?

P-R-P used in the O-shot comprises natural growth factors which are responsible for wound healing, angiogenesis, collagen production, stoppage of bleeding, and tissue repair or regeneration. The essential growth factors include Plat-elet-derived growth factor, Vascular endothelial growth factor, Transforming Growth Factor Beta-1, Epithelial growth factor, Fibroblast growth factor, and Keratinocyte growth factor. Under optimum conditions, for P-R-P to work effectively, it must have at least 1,000,000/mL plat-elets. When P-R-P shot is administered into the intended areas such as vagina and clitoris (specifically the O-spot, G-spot, Urethra, Skene’s gland, and Vaginal wall) s-t-em cells get activated in the injected site which further promotes tissue regeneration (i.e. generate more functional and healthier tissues) and better blood circulation. It helps improve vascularization of the area. With rejuvenated vaginal tissues and increased blood flow in the site which provides sexual pleasure, the sensitivity is increased, thereby the ability to have orgasm shoots up.

How is the O-shot treatment performed?

O-shot treatment is a simple, fairly short (typically lasting for 20 minutes or longer but not more than an hour), painless procedure. To minimize the discomfort caused to the sensitive areas, before giving injections, the vaginal and clitoral regions are numbed with topical anesthesia or local anesthesia.

During the session, the venipuncture process is used wherein about 6-8ccs of the patient’s blood is withdrawn from the vein of the left arm. Next, the collected blood sample is transferred into designated P-R-P tubes containing an anticoagulant which is derived from sodium citrate. The blood is processed via spinning under specific temperature, time (around 9 minutes), and rotation speed (usually at 2,850 rpm) in a centrifuge machine. This separates the blood components and results in the formation of three distinct layers: Erythrocytes (Red blood cells settle at bottom of the tube), Plat-elet-rich pla-sma (20% of the entire solution in the middle which has a buffy appearance because it contains WBCs), and the Plat-elet poor plasma (a light yellowish liquid at the top). The P-R-P layer is isolated, enhanced with concentrated platelets, and finally extracted into a syringe. The obtained P-R-P may be kept under UV light for 10 minutes to photo activate it and increase the effectiveness of the P-R-P solution.

After the P-R-P shot is prepared, the treatment areas are numbed and a certain amount (i.e. 1cc) of the extracted P-R-P is injected into the clitoral glans. Following it, the vaginal skin around the G-spot region is administered with the remaining 5ccs of the P-R-P. This step takes only a minute or so to be done. At the time of inserting the injection, the patient can expect to have a quick pricking sensation that resolves quickly or no pain at all. If the doctor finds it necessary according to the patient’s needs and satisfaction, then more than one O-shot can be provided.

What to expect after the O-shot treatment?

The expected results can vary depending upon the starting point of the patient. Some women can experience instant profound results while others may only witness marked improvement. The effects of the treatment can vary based on the patient’s age, hormonal issues, and medical conditions. According to an estimate, about 75-95% of women can have significant improvements in their sexual function after receiving O-shot.

It will take a few days for the patient to experience visible enhancement in their orgasm intensity and sexual arousal. In the initial 3-7 days, the patient experiences heightened sensation and over the next 3-9 weeks new tissues begin to develop. Only after three months of the treatment, the patient is most likely to enjoy the full desired results. In case the initial results are not as pronounced, then the doctor may suggest the patient to retake the O-shot. Generally, a gap of 8 weeks is recommended between two treatments to ensure that full effects of the initial treatment have been felt. However, it may be discussed with the concerned doctor about the timeframe that fits best for the patient.

Typically, the effects of the O-shot last anywhere between 1 to 4 years, and when this becomes weaker, many patients opt for maintenance sessions. On average, most women repeat the treatment after every 18 months.

What are the post-treatment benefits?

After receiving O-shot, most women claim the following:

  • Significant improvement in clitoral and vaginal sensitivity, enhanced sexual arousal, better stimulation, and a fired-up sex drive.
  • Smoother and younger vaginal skin or enhancement of skin on the vulva.
  • Vaginal opening gets tightened.
  • Increased natural lubrication of the vagina.
  • Decreased urinary continence.
  • Reduced pain while having sex.
  • Improved health of the sexual organs which contributes to stronger and frequent G-spot orgasms.
  • Treated lichen sclerosis condition wherein there is itching on the skin on the vulva which can result in atrophy
  • Dramatic, long-lasting better sex which leads to improved intimate relationships and stronger families.

Who are not suitable candidates for O-shot?

O-shot therapy must be avoided by:

  • People who are recovering from an infection
  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals who previously had malignancy, genital tract surgery, or certain other serious health conditions

This treatment is only designed for women who desire to get their sex life back on track, a relief from different sexual dysfunctions or wish to add some heat to an already fulfilling sex life.

To know more about O-shot treatment cost in Mumbai, Juhu, please feel free to meet Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital.

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