Vaginoplasty Surgery in Mumbai

During pregnancy and childbirth, women often undergo a lot of physical stress in their vaginal tissues and pelvic floor. In addition, at menopause, women have hormonal changes that can lead to vaginal atrophy, thereby making the vaginal tissues dry and weak.

These changes result in vaginal laxity which in turn can contribute to urine incontinence and have an impact on sexual experience. As a result, the self-confidence of the person is lowered and the quality of life can also get affected.

Most women suffer from vaginal laxity symptoms because of aging, dramatic weight loss, or multiple vaginal births. This results in loss of strength, tone, and control of the muscles in the vaginal wall which further leads to an increase in the inner diameter of the vagina. Consequently, women can have reduced sexual pleasure at the time of intercourse as well as gynecological problems like stress urinary continence.

Thankfully, one can get a rejuvenated vaginal tract with the best vaginoplasty surgery in Mumbai, Juhu performed by Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital.

What Is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation is the most requested cosmetic surgery for women in Mumbai for varied reasons. It helps tighten the vaginal canal and restore the vaginal tissues and muscles.

The surgery excises surplus mucosal tissue from the sides and back of the vagina. Hence, it can also bring back the youthful appearance in the perineum and vagina. Women of any age can safely undergo this surgery, however, it is recommended that women who are aged between 30 and 50 and no longer wish to get pregnant must opt for vaginoplasty. They must be in good general health and have realistic expectations from the results of the surgery.

Who requires Vaginoplasty surgery?

  • Women who are concerned about their vaginal laxity, prolapse, and other issues related to vaginal health.
  • Individuals who are seeking treatments for various medical problems such as vaginal injury because of pelvic floor disease complications or childbirth.
  • Transgender individuals who want to opt for this surgery for the creation of a vagina in order to achieve their preferred gender identity.
  • Women having issues related to the vaginal structure since birth.
  • Individuals who wish to repair their childbirth defects or trauma in the vaginal area to improve sexual function.
  • Women who want to reconstruct the vagina after undergoing radiation therapy or vaginal excision during the treatment of cancer or other medical conditions.

In the initial consultation with Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi, the patient is checked for her candidacy. To see if you are cleared as a suitable candidate for vaginoplasty surgery, schedule a consultation with her at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital, Mumbai.

What are the usual symptoms of women who undergo Vaginoplasty surgery?

The reasons why many females undergo vaginoplasty surgery:

  • Decreased friction and sensation during intercourse
  • Wide or loose vagina
  • Tampons fall out & stick out loose
  • Perineum scar tissue coming out of the opening of the vagina

Note: The surgery must only be performed by an experienced surgeon to avoid any unwanted complications.

What happens during Vaginoplasty surgery?

Vaginoplasty is an outpatient procedure that usually takes 60 to 90 minutes to get complete. It can take 2.5 hours when combined with labiaplasty. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia to make patient comfortable during the treatment.

While the patient is comfortably numb and asleep, the vaginal tissues to be removed are marked before the vaginal tightening surgery in Mumbai, Juhu. Next, a wedge of unwanted tissue from the inside of the vagina is cut precisely with the help of special surgical tools to reduce the size of the orifice of the vagina. After the required adjustments are done, the incision sites are closed with absorbable sutures to secure the full depth of the vagina or part of loose tissues.

Repairing congenital defects in the vagina:
For repairing congenital defects in the vagina, the surgery aims to create a functional vagina after the removal of abnormal structures and excess tissues. It is done to prevent blood from pooling during menstrual flow.

Vaginoplasty for transgender candidates:
When vaginoplasty is performed as a gender affirmation surgery, the external genitalia of males is partially removed and reconfigured followed by the creation of a vaginal canal and labia using the skin of the penis and scrotum.

With advancements in technology used during vaginoplasty surgery, the procedure does not allow an extensive injury to the surrounding tissues and ensures minimal scar formation, better healing, and very little post-operative pain.

What to expect from the recovery of Vaginoplasty surgery?

  • Depending upon the extent of surgery, the recovery of the surgery may take anywhere from a few weeks to months.
  • Within the first few days after the surgery, the patient can experience some degree of pain, swelling, and spotting. The pain can be relieved by certain medications while swelling can be reduced by applying ice packs.
  • One can return to their normal daily activities by the second or third-day post-operation.
  • Strenuous activities must only be resumed after six to eight weeks.
  • It is advised to avoid the use of tampons for at least 8 weeks.

Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi is one of the best Vaginoplasty Surgeons in Mumbai who has performed many successful surgeries and helped many females to achieve the desired surgical results.

How soon one can have intercourse after Vaginoplasty surgery?

The patient is asked to wait for at least 12 weeks. This is very important as it gives the body the time to heal and fully recover.

Note: Vaginoplasty is generally a one-stage procedure but if required revisions are also done later to increase aesthetic appearance.

To know about vaginoplasty surgery cost in Mumbai, Juhu, India, schedule an appointment with Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi, the expert Cosmetic Gynaecologist In Mumbai.

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