P Shot Treatment in Mumbai

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you think!

But, don’t worry. P Shot Treatment has been proven effective to treat erectile dysfunction. One can consult Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi, the best fertility treatment doctor in Mumbai, Juhu to get this effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Most males suffer from erectile dysfunction or an inability to indulge in penetrative sexual intercourse. While there are various causes of this impaired sexual ability in males, every patient, by and large, follows the same treatment algorithm. So, there are different medications including intraurethral suppositories or tablets which are placed in the pee tube and claim to improve penile erections.

Apart from these, vacuum erection devices are available and intracavernosal injections can also be given in the shaft of the penis to improve blood circulation in that area. If all these fail to work, people also opt for surgeries. However, some patients wish to cure the problem rather than just putting a band-aid on the concern. If so, they can consider regenerative treatment for erectile dysfunction i.e. the P shot! This treatment represents a medical innovation for male sexual enhancement.

What is a P shot treatment?

P shot refers to Plate-let-rich pla-sma which is a blood product cleared by FDA and is provided by Dr. Chaitali Mahajan Trivedi, the best gynaecologist in Mumbai. It is a drug and surgery-free restorative treatment which causes growth of blood vessels and nerves to help potentially reverse erectile dysfunction.

The name P-shot is the short form of ‘Priapus shot’ designated from the Greek deity of sexual health, specifically the male regenerative power.

PRP treatment can help provide a longer, stronger, and more sustainable penile erection and is intended to deliver long-term results without much discomfort.

Some animal studies have shown significant benefits in erectile function with a PRP shot, but in human patients, this has not been extensively or rigorously studied. There is no such information that tells about how much PRP is needed to be injected or the frequency of injections needed to be administered and how long its effect can last.

Alternative uses of P shot

P shot is a treatment that can be used in the following cases:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Penis enhancement (an increase in its size)
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Peyronie’s disease (a condition wherein the penis curves when it's erect because of the formation of scar tissue)
  • Improvement in general sexual function, performance, and orgasm

A shot of P-R-P does not act on the root cause of the ability to have orgasms. The orgasms can happen because of a number of mental, physical, and emotional reasons. But, with P shot the sexual performance is enriched due to:

  • Repair of some tissues and cells
  • The increased flow of blood
  • The placebo effect
  • Establishment of new neural pathways from positive reinforcement and new experiences

If the patient is having issues with his penis due to side effects of medication, medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and hypertension or have decreased sexual pleasure and sensation as well as difficulty in maintaining penis erection until the sex partner gets satisfied, then the P shot can help. After the P shot, the patient can have increased sensitivity at the time of sex, increased girth and length of the penis, improved premature ejaculation, increased sexual confidence and self-esteem, improved intimate relationships, and better, healthier sex life with higher stamina during sex. P shot can be given alongside testosterone therapy and also helps sexual function in patients after their prostate surgery. One can avail the benefits of P shot erectile dysfunction treatment in Mumbai.

How does the P shot work?

P shot involves the harvesting and administration of the growth factors present in the plate-lets enriched pla-sma into the specific area of the penis using a special injection technique. The ste-m cells and growth factors are known to accelerate healing and result in three major things:

  • Angiogenesis (i.e. formation or growth of new blood vessels) and regeneration of new tissues in the penis
  • Neurogenesis (i.e. the growth of nerves) in the penis
  • Reduction in inflammation in the penis area

A combined effect of these can help enhance sexual function and health.

Is there any preparation required?

There is no requirement of special preparation for the patient going to receive a P shot. The doctor may only ask the patient to get a physical or complete blood test to check for their overall health status. For successful treatment, the patient must have healthy blood, pla-sma, and plate-lets.

How is P shot treatment performed?

The P shot treatment is an outpatient procedure that is carried out after the genital area of the patient is numbed with topical local anesthesia. Throughout the procedure, the patient is made to lie down on an operation table in a comforting position.

To prepare a P-shot, the doctor collects a small sample of the patient’s blood from the left arm which is spun in a centrifuge machine at a particular centrifugal speed for a specific time and temperature. As the blood goes through two passes on the centrifuge, it gets separated into three different components i.e. red blood cells which settle at the bottom of the centrifuge tube, plate-let-rich pla-sma (in the middle of the tube), and plate-let-poor pla-sma (at the top). After this, the plate-let-rich pla-sma is isolated and to it, a component that causes activation of different kinds of growth factors is added. The extracted P-R-P is put into separate syringes to be injected into the penile shaft, clitoris, or Grafenberg spot. As soon as the patient receives an injection in the penile shaft, a penis pump is given to allow better blood flow in that area. This can be done daily after the treatment for 10 minutes for a few weeks as directed by the doctor.

Results of P shot treatment

The results of a P shot vary among patients based on their overall health and other contributing factors for sexual function. Some people can notice immediate results after a single P shot (i.e. respond within the first 24 hours) while others may see it after a few months or after they have received multiple P shots. Normally, the patients can see the effects in three to six treatments, and in one or two months they can notice the peak of their results. Late responders can expect good results in three to four months.

What to expect during the recovery phase?

Soon after the P shot is given, the patients can return home and can resume their normal routine activities on the same day or the next. It is recommended to avoid having sexual intercourse for a few days to avoid infection of the injection sites. Moreover, strenuous physical activity must also be limited for a couple of days so that chafing or sweating doesn’t irritate the area.

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